Whether it’s a full-scale SAP implementation for an ERP system, a particular module, or performing a system upgrade, many of our clients select us as their implementer for our deep functional expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and our Leading Practices methodology.

Our SAP Implementation services are defined by our strategy to logical improvements on end-to-end operational processes, including simplified role-based access and use. Our approach leverages available business activities, data integration and reporting to enable enhanced operational and managerial utilization of the SAP system.

SAP System Review and Audit Services

Nimble has a true passion for Best and Leading Business Practices. We know how to properly implement an SAP system and enjoy seeing the many benefits that it can provide. However, not all implementers follow a Best Practices approach to their client projects. If an SAP implementation did not go as planned, you can enlist our audit and system review services to find out what wrong during the implementation, identify performance gaps, and receive recommendations as to how to bridge these gaps. We have performed dozens of SAP system reviews, and are widely considered as the leading SAP system auditors in the industry.

SAP Application Management and Support Services

Providing SAP Application Management Support services is our specialty. We are one of the leading providers of SAP production support services in the country and have dozens of satisfied, referenceable clients. Our outstanding client service, competitive rates, and skilled consultants are among the many reasons why clients select nimble as their support provider.

SAP Training Service

Using SAP ERP to manage your organizations resources can be a game-changing business solution. However, these systems are complex and require specialized training to ensure staff members make optimal use of the services. Nimble Consulting has designed SAP Training Services to cover the need for well-trained staff members that wil help your company reap the benefits of using SAP ERP.

SAP Staffing Services

Making optimal use of SAP may require recruiting of staff members with experience using the platform and its applications. This can be especially true with companies making a transition to SAP services that need programmers and developers to support their teams. Companies that are undergoing expansion efforts will also generate an increased use of SAP services that may require specialized staff members. This is what our SAP Staffing Services are all about.

Cloud Migration and Hosting

Going to a Cloud-based ERP architecture is an attractive option for many organizations due to its reduced initial cost to implement and simplified support model. We’ll take you through a cost-benefit analysis to see if a Could-based (or Hosted) solution and guide you through the steps to ensure a successful new deployment or, if you are considering a cloud migration, we can help ensure a smooth transition.